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Garden Design

So, you're interested in re-designing your garden? What happens next...?

Well, it's very informal and the process is designed to find out what you want from a garden, how much your budget is, and what your lifestyle is like.


Step One - The Garden Visit

Garden before re-design

Before re-design

I will visit your garden and discuss with you what you would like, such the style of garden, the level of maintenance, and who will be using it.

We'll also discuss what your budget is and how involved you want to be in creating the garden.

If all you need is some pointers about how to make changes to your garden, whilst I'm there I can draw a quick sketch plan which you can keep and use. And you can then carry out your own work as and when you want to.


Alternatively, I can take the plan and draw a scale plan which shows what your garden could be like. It will include suggestions for types of plants and hard landscaping options.


After re-design

You could be thinking about a whole garden makeover, or just the re-design of a border.

It could be a private garden, business premises, or a community garden.

Please get in touch to discuss the first step towards your new garden.


Before design

Garden design 3c.jpg

After design & creation

Fern leaf

Step 2 - Garden Creation

Your design can be tweaked to get it just right.

Once we have done so, then it is over to you!

I can advise on the correct order of work to be carried out if required and offer suggestions for suitable plants.


However, please note that I no longer project manage or carry out the redesign work.

Garden project management
Luscious Palm Leaves

Step 3 - Enjoy!

Garden Hammock.JPG
Time for tea.JPG
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