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Janice Burley

I set up Down 2 Earth in 2009, offering garden design as well as workshops for gardeners and people working in the countryside sector.

I now offer lots of willow weaving workshops and demonstrations, some garden design, along with the occasional talk.

Over the years, priorities and interests have altered and during Covid lockdown, I came back to willow weaving again. It’s something I have previously done, starting with my Granny doing cane weaving when I was really young! On this occasion it really struck a chord with me, and this is where the main focus of my work is now. I love the natural sustainability of it and how you can lose yourself in what you are making.

I’ve also always enjoyed teaching and I now offer a variety of workshops learning how to make beautiful items from willow.

I can still offer to help you design your garden, and I have previously won two Gold Awards at Harrogate Flower show for my show gardens, as well as one Silver Award. One of the Gold Awards even had willow trellis panels and a willow hare in it. I have designed and planted numerous gardens and run workshops for keen gardeners.


I like to garden organically, which is reflected in my designs and I also try to be as environmentally and wildlife-friendly as possible.


What I can offer

I aim to encourage, enthuse and develop the skills of would-be willow weavers and gardeners via workshops, talks and demonstrations.


I can also help you create a beautiful garden, to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

This is done via a garden design service which gives you the freedom to develop your garden as and when you want.

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